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Robin & Dave Foresi

Robin & Dave Foresi, Real Estate Professional - Realtor®

Robin and Dave specialize in luxury. In the luxury market, details matter. Robin has a good eye for the fine details. Her keen eye for design trends, quality workmanship and must-have home features is invaluable when searching for a luxury home and when preparing a home for sale. Having served on HOA boards for over two decades she has a keen sense for how a community is being run and what it takes to maintain the beauty of a luxury community.

Knowing you are getting value is important in a real estate transaction and Dave knows his numbers. Evaluating the luxury market is more than just putting together a comparative market analysis (CMA), sometimes, you have to know broader trends to see a home's true value. With his eye on market trends, Dave follows the shifting desires of the luxury buyer and the financial and economic changes that inform their buying and selling decisions.

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