San José del Cabo

             San Jose del Cabo is a beautiful Mexican smalltown 25 minutes north of Cabo San Lucas . San Jose del Cabo is known to be called the more well-behaved little sister of the two cities in the Baja. While both are very beautiful, have amazing Baja beaches and snorkeling etc, San Jose Del Cabo has a much more relaxed atmosphere and perhaps has a more authentically Mexican feel. While Cabo is known for its world class fishing, San Jose is perhaps best known for its amazing Art community.  Artist from across Mexico and globally have come here to open galleries and be part of this very exciting and growing community. This small town shines every Thursday (5-9pm NOV-JUNE) as it hosts an amazing Art walk right downtown amongst…

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Delmar School

Delmar school is one of our highest recommended schools by our clients. They offer Kinder, Primary School(1-6), Middle School(7-9), and High school(10-12).

Primary School(1-6)

During the Primary or elementary phase of schooling(1-6) Delmar School focuses on individual attention and working closely with parents to form action plans and methods of best education for each child to provide unparalleled learning.  This is reenforced in grade 4 when each student is paired with a tutor to help the child create a personal growth project that integrates physical, emotional, social and academic aspects. The young children can also be introduced to a variety of skills early on. Technology(digital skills, robotics, Software), sports, arts,…

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Where can I find pesos reliably?

That was one of the questions we often asked when my family first moved here. "Where can I find a safe and reliable ATM or currency exchange". So far the best method we have found is using ATM's located inside the grocery stores(Chedraui, Freskos, La Comer) along the transport corridor. These machines are frequently refilled and checked for security so rest assured. If you choose to use these machines make sure you decline the exchange rate. This will not cancel the transaction but instead it will charge you only the transaction fee and rely on your banks current rate to complete the exchange. We see an average ATM fee of 50-120 pesos, so if you see the fee is significantly higher consider finding a different machine. 

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What is a Fideicomiso?

Well, odds are you are already familiar with it! In simple terms it is a trust that allows foreigners to purchase land in Mexico. Continue reading this issue of Terry Insight and learn all about it!

As a foreigner you often hear about how buying a property in Mexico must be scary or difficult. Well thankfully we're here to tell you it's not. Thanks to a handy tool we call Fideicomiso or trust in english. Fideicomiso in Mexico is very similar to a U.S/Canada trust. It is set up with a bank in Mexico which acts as an administrator.


You as the property owner become the beneficiary of the trust enabling you to sell, buy, or improve the property as you desire. The fideicomiso also protects you from lawsuits seeking the…

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Welcome to the insight

Here we will be showcasing our teams insight and perspective around living in Cabo San Lucas. The up's the down's and the important market updates and trends that help you better decide on buying or selling a property down here! We will also be highlighting local events, restaurants places to eat and things to do that make living down here so amazing.

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