Todd's hand selected investment opportunities

Todd Terry poses on Mexican beach

Analyzing the top the investment area's and price ranges. Todd has gathered a curated investment file for each major price range and area of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del cabo. 

$2.5 million to $5 million +

Querencia gardens in Mexico

Click this image to be taken to our 2.5 to 5 million plus Investment zone.

$1 million to $2.5 million

Views from a light house in mexico

This area is perfect those who want to hit the market that is currently on FIRE! AirBnB's, Slight reno's and amazing views!

$500k to $1 million budget

 Cabo Bello Beach resort and residence in Cabo Mexico

This budget is terrific for AirBnB, Condo's and Contractor specials.

Land and Multi Use

Beach walkway in paradise mexico

This area is for those looking to develop communities, Resorts and Multi use land projects.